Standing up to Moms for Liberty in Philly with Grandparents For Truth

On June 30th, Moms for Liberty hosted their annual summit, designed to pull more people into their hateful movement. Our Grandparents For Truth wouldn’t let it go unchallenged.

We rallied with grandparents, local activists, elected officials, and our partners to stand up for the freedom to learn. Hundreds showed up in person and online to send a clear message: We won’t stand for book bans and bigotry.

Why we went to Philadelphia

Moms for Liberty is part of the broader right wing attack we’re seeing on public education and on school boards.

Authoritarian groups like Moms for Liberty and their allied politicians are building power in divisive and destructive ways, stoking fears and mobilizing resentment against the full inclusion of Black, indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQ communities. They are purging books about these communities and their experiences from library shelves. They are harassing educators and advocating for laws designed to intimidate and limit teaching to content approved by right-wing ideologues.

We know from history that such extreme measures are hallmarks of authoritarianism and need to be soundly rejected.

We made our voices heard

This event was a rallying call to defend the freedom to learn and fight back against authoritarianism and censorship. We were proud to stand with our partners, including Red Wine & Blue, PFLAG, Indivisible Philadelphia, Defense of Democracy, and Act Up Philly. 

We heard from grandparents concerned about their grandchildren’s freedom to learn our nation’s true history; transgender veterans who understand that the oath they took to protect our country includes defending freedom and fighting censorship; and elected officials Pennsylvania state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Pennsylvania state Senator Nikhil Saval, who made it clear that hate has no place in Philadelphia.

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