VASHTI for African American Women and Girls

VASHTI is a value-driven, faith-based communication and leadership enhancement initiative. VASHTI was conceived to strengthen the presence and voices of African American women and girls as progressive facilitators, teachers, trainers and advocates, and to assist communities impacted by issues related to women’s reproductive health, rights and justice, sexuality, sexual and domestic violence, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

VASHTI, which means “beautiful woman,” embraces:

  • Values such as love, kindness, humility and patience
  • Affirmation of positive sexual identity and sexual expression
  • Self-respect and self-love
  • Health and healthy decision making for body, mind and spirit
  • Talent, “gifts” identification, mentoring/modeling and nurturing
  • Integrity advocated in and through progressive inspired leadership

VASHTI is implemented through 12 sessions designed for conferences, workshops, community forums, and Bible or sacred text study.

Are you a VASHTI in your place of worship, neighborhood, civic organization or home? For more information contact Minister Leslie Watson Malachi.

Read the VASHTI 2015 annual report 

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