Vote the Courts 2020

Supreme Court justices and lower-court federal judges have the power to shape the course of our lives. From the quality of the air we breathe, to the right to control our own bodies, to whom we can marry, to whether our votes count in our elections judges’ powerful rulings can expand, protect or endanger our rights and freedoms.

Since Donald Trump became president, the judges he has appointed have voted to jeopardize our hard-won rights. Now more than ever, our next president needs to nominate fair-minded constitutionalists who value equality and justice for all. That's why we're urging every candidate to share their plans to nominate judges who understand that the law and the Constitution protect all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful.

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What We’re Up Against

  • The unlimited flood of money into our politics that enables special interests and the wealthy to influence who is nominated to our courts
  • A Republican-controlled Senate that blocked President Obama’s judicial nominees and rubber-stamps Trump’s unfit nominees
  • The Right’s decades-long campaign to capture our courts in order to gut civil and human rights and sabotage the New Deal’s economic, health and safety protections

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What the People Are Saying

Recent polling shows that the courts are a winning issue for Democrats.

In a poll conducted among likely 2020 voters in 10 battleground states,voters who said the president’s ability to appoint Supreme Court justices was a reason to support a Democrat for president outnumbered those who said it was a reason to support Trump (43% versus 35%).

Democrats and liberals were more likely than other voters to say it was “very important” to them to consider the kinds of judges a Senate candidate would confirm, when making their decisions whom to support in Senate races.

*Survey conducted online June 2019 among 1,204 likely 2020 voters in 10 SCOTUS battleground states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina.

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