Take Back the Senate: Susan Collins

Susan Collins

Republican Senator, Maine

Senator Susan CollinsSen. Susan Collins has said time and again that she represents the issues that Mainers care about. But through the ultra-conservative judges Collins has voted to confirm, she has shown that far from protecting Mainers’ rights, she is using the courts to shred the rights and protections that Mainers care about.

Her goal? To accomplish through our courts what she and her Republican colleagues in the Senate have failed to do legislatively: strip away our constitutional rights that guarantee Mainers’ access to health care and to clean air and water; to cast a ballot that counts; to receive benefits from our social programs and protections; to control our own bodies and more.

Trump’s dangerous judges make the rulings, but Susan Collins is just as responsible as they are.

Fact Sheets

Susan Collins’ attacks on health care
Susan Collins’ attacks on the social safety net

Take Action!

Senators who vote to confirm judges that are a threat to our health care are just as responsible as the judges when harmful decisions are made.

Learn more about how to hold Senator Susan Collins accountable for her votes for anti-health care judges by registering for our Vote the Courts: Protect Our Care Edition Training.

When you register, you’ll receive access to a recorded activist training and a downloadable action toolkit with a dozen ways to take action from home. The training has three parts: 1) a PFAW ad that addresses your senator’s bad votes to confirm harmful judges, 2) an interview with PFAW experts about the relationship between our courts and our care, and 3) an explainer on the tools in the virtual toolkit.