Defenders of Democracy

Every year, half a billion dollars flow through the major institutions of the Radical Right. Much of it is invested in permanent infrastructures for its work — radio and television networks… magazine and book publishing… and the machinery of public relations, organizing and political influence — all geared to imposing their narrow agenda on our laws, courts, liberties and schools.

People For the American Way’s Defenders of Democracy embody the vigilance needed to counter this massive threat. By making a monthly commitment, Defenders of Democracy give People For the American Way the steady resources needed to expose the Right’s lies, combat its drive for power, and defeat its disregard for our freedoms.

To become a Defender of Democracy is to make a statement. You will affirm your belief in the American Way each and every month. You will become a fundamental part of People For the American Way’s ability to defend our rights and freedoms from the Radical Right’s systematic attacks. You will share in our victories, and experience the personal satisfaction of doing your part to sustain the American dream.

As a Defender of Democracy:

  • Pledges may be fulfilled by credit card or Electronic Fund Transfers automatically debited from your checking account. You will receive convenient monthly statements summarizing your giving. Your pledge may be changed or canceled at any time.
  • You will not receive other fundraising letters, except at especially critical times.
  • You will have a dedicated contact person on the People For the American Way staff to answer your questions and put you in touch with other People For the American Way programs.
  • Over time, your modest monthly contributions will yield substantial financial benefits to People For the American Way, and include you among our core group of leadership supporters.

Your commitment is needed. Become a Defender of Democracy today.