We are People For the American Way

More than one million members, activists, and advocates fighting to stop hate and defend democracy.

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Thank You, People For Members, for Holding the Line for Democracy

The line between autocracy and democracy is fragile. People For the American Way is on the front lines of the critical fights going on in our country right now to defend our rights from those who would take them from us.


Thank You, People For Members, for Holding the Line for Democracy

People For is Calling on President Biden to Lead on Voting Rights

We need President Biden to lead on voting rights, and call on the Senate to fix or nix the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and other critical democracy reforms.

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Our Courts, Our Fight

As part of our fight for our courts, it is crucial that the Senate promptly confirm Biden nominees to all open seats on the federal judiciary, in part to counteract the actions by Trump judges to strip away and undermine your rights and freedoms.

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Right Wing Watch

Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities and rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations. By shedding light on the activities of the Right Wing, we help expose the risks of its extreme and intolerant agenda.

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