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Fighting for Fair Courts

Making sure our courts work for all of us - not just the wealthy and powerful.

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What’s at stake

When we have fair courts, abusive law enforcement officials are held accountable for unjustified violence; our right to vote is protected from attack; laws protecting consumers and working people are enforced; people have better access to legally protected health care, including abortion care; we can better protect our communities from dangerous toxins and more effectively address climate change; and more.

And that’s why the Far Right has worked so hard to capture our courts – and why we have to take them back.

What we’re doing

People For the American Way is fighting for fair courts by:

  • Supporting federal judicial nominees who understand that the justice system should protect all of us – not just the wealthy and well-connected,
  • Working to establish a binding code of ethics for the Supreme Court, and
  • Modifying the tools far-right senators have abused to block fair-minded judges and create unequal systems of justice in their states.

Time is Running Out: Help confirm fair-minded judges

The Senate leaves for the year in just a few weeks! It’s time to call our senators and tell them: confirm fair-minded judges now! 

Take Action Now!

We deserve courts that work for all of us

What we’ve accomplished

People For the American Way is proud of our work to help ensure we have judges who will work for all of us – not just the wealthy and powerful. Through our grassroots mobilization, education and activism campaigns, we have contributed to the confirmation of fair-minded federal judges and stopped the confirmation of unsuitable nominees – while raising the prominence of federal courts in the minds of progressive activists.

  • With members and allies, we helped ensure confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.
  • We’ve activated our members and allies to help confirm over 100 fair-minded judges during the Biden administration.
  • In 1987, People For the American Way was instrumental in keeping far-right nominee Robert Bork off the U.S. Supreme Court, with a high-profile campaign that included a famous TV ad featuring Gregory Peck, and that fight has continued through the years.