Grandparents For Truth

People at a rally. Older woman holds a black sign with yellow letters that reads "grandparents for truth" Every child deserves an honest and accurate education that enables them to learn from the mistakes of our past and prepares them for the future.

People For the American Way launched Grandparents For Truth to mobilize grandparents, our members, and supporters who are fighting for the next generation’s freedom to learn, and who are resisting authoritarian attacks on the freedom to teach the full truth about our history and culture.

What is Grandparents For Truth?

Grandparents For Truth is a group of grandparents and their allies organized by People For the American Way who are fighting for the next generation’s freedom to learn, and who are resisting authoritarian attacks on the freedom to teach the full truth about our history and culture. In partnership with allies of all ages and communities, we will defeat this generation’s book-banners, censors, and authoritarians.  

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It’s time to make our voices heard to combat attacks on the freedom to learn, which are attacks on our children’s future and on our democracy.
The next generation is counting on us.

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Do I have to be a grandparent to join Grandparents For Truth?

No! Grandparents have a unique role as mentors, guides and influential forces in the development of young people – which is why we knew mobilizing them was so important for this work. But Grandparents For Truth is open to anyone who is invested in making sure we protect the freedom to learn for the next generation.

What Grandparents For Truth Will Do

Grandparents For Truth will be a voice, coming from grandparents’ unique place of wisdom and love, against censorship and for the freedom to learn. Our organizers at People For the American Way will help equip you with the skills to:

  • Speak up against censorship at local school board meetings,
  • Organize your community to protect the freedom to learn,
  • Contact your lawmakers to promote the freedom to teach and learn, and
  • Join a national community of people like you at in-person and online events dedicated to fighting book bans, censorship, and authoritarianism.

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Grandparents For Truth In Action: Teaching Black History in Florida



In February 2024, Grandparents For Truth headed down to Florida to fight for the freedom to learn! 

We rallied with grandparents, local activists, elected officials, and our partners to bring the community in Eatonville, Florida together to talk about Black History and how we defend the freedom to learn in our schools. Hundreds showed up in person and online to send a clear message: We won’t stand for book bans and bigotry.

Learn more about the event!

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