Join the fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Defend Our Democracy

It's long past time that our democracy work for every single person - not just the wealthy and powerful. We're fighting to make sure everyone can have a say in it and pursue equality and justice.

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Our vote is our voice

We’re working to make sure that every person has safe and easy access to the ballot from wherever they are, and to limit the outsize influence of Big Money in politics.

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The line between autocracy and democracy is fragile.

People For the American Way is on the front lines of the critical fights going on in our country right now to defend our rights from those who would take them from us.


Demand that Corporations Stop Donating to Anti-Voting Rights Members of Congress!

List of crporations who have donated to GOP Senators who have obstructed votes on voting rights legislation.

If corporations want to support voting rights, they should stand by their stated support for voting rights and stop donating to the Republican lawmakers who are preventing the passage of desperately needed federal protections. Add your name today to demand that Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Target, Dell, Cisco, and Boston Scientific stop donating to anti-voting rights members of Congress!

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