Winning a Progressive Majority in Virginia

Markus Batchelor and Josh San Miguel posing outdoors with Randy Riffle and two others.
People For’s Markus Batchelor and Josh San Miguel pose with School Board Member-Elect Randy Riffle.

People For has a record of developing, empowering, and electing leaders who are boldly progressive, rooted in their communities, and reflect the rich diversity of Virginia and America. In the places where others say a candidate who is a woman, young, working class, of color, LGBTQ+, or committed to truth, justice, and the American Way can’t win or withstand the attacks, People For accepts the challenge.

In 2023, we supported a slate of leaders in important local races that the pundits had written off but were nonetheless key to a progressive majority. We dug deep in places others wouldn’t invest, and we brought the fight and resources where they were needed most.

Through grassroots and digital organizing, high-impact partnerships with artists, celebrities, cultural leaders, and influencers, radio ads, and training and development opportunities for endorsees, we helped hold the Virginia Senate and flip the House by electing these bold leaders.

Meet the Candidates

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House of Delegates | State Senate
Commonwealth Attorneys | School Board Members

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House of Delegates

State Senate

Commonwealth Attorneys

School Board Members

What’s at Stake: Tracking the Far Right

Our Right Wing Watch team is tracking extremists in Virginia and their impact on the policies and people of the state.

Other 2023 Endorsees

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