People For Virginia: Candidates We Believe In

A street sign that reads "Welcome to Virginia, Virginia is for lovers"The Far Right has already demonstrated what they can do with the tiniest margins of power – and Virginia’s divided government is a prime example. 

Progress on voting rights, reproductive freedom, inclusive education, public safety, police accountability and so much more will be under deeper threat if Far Right candidates win critical elections across the state in the fall. 

To protect our rights, People For the American Way is endorsing a slate of leaders in winnable, yet overlooked, races. Races the pundits have written off, but are key to a progressive majority. We’ll dig deep in places where others won’t invest, and bring the fight and the resources where they’re needed most.

Meet the Candidates

What’s at Stake: Tracking the Far Right

Our Right Wing Watch team is tracking extremists in Virginia and their impact on the policies and people of the state. Here’s a look at what they’re up to – and what’s at stake in the 2023 election.

Other 2023 Endorsees

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson for Mayor of Chicago

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Janet Protasiewicz

Janet Protasiewicz for WI Supreme Court

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