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Defend the Black Vote

We will not be disenfranchised. Defend the Black Vote will fight voter suppression efforts and work to achieve record Black voter turnout in critical states across the country.

Defend the Black Vote is a campaign of People For the American Way.

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The Black vote is under attack.

Throughout the history of America, the right to vote has not always been guaranteed for citizens of color. After historic minority participation in the 2020 elections, Far Right forces are now seeking to stop America’s forward momentum. In Georgia and Florida, and other states around the country, state legislatures have already passed bills designed to suppress voting rights. Legislators have now made it illegal to hand out water to waiting voters, and even shortened the ballot request period. Defend the Black Vote aims to increase Black voter participation and combat this wave of voter suppression laws. We will not be silenced. Our voices – and our votes – matter.

Join Us on a Bus Tour to Fight for the Black Vote!

People For has partnered with Black Voters Matter in their signature “Blackest Bus in America” for a voter outreach tour from Mississippi to Washington D.C., making stops in key southern states. The Freedom Rides for Voting Rights campaign, which continues the tradition of the original Freedom Rides, comes as more than 40 states consider legislation to restrict voting rights, which would have a disproportionate impact on Black communities. The bus tour will raise awareness about this harmful legislation and empower communities to combat restrictions to early voting, absentee ballots, and other important reforms.

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