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We’re fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way – and we need your help! 

Speaking out to hold our leaders accountable and let them know the public is watching is vital to participatory democracy. The progressive movement and the fight to defend the American Way depend on the grassroots engagement of everyday Americans. When we speak en masse with petitions, phone calls, rallies, and other actions, our individual voices are amplified, and decision makers from elected officials to CEOs take notice.

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People For the American Way is protecting the freedom to learn the truth by resisting book banning and censorship, challenging efforts to restrict the teaching of truth about racism in our history and institutions, and supporting school board members and other public officials who are targets of political attacks for supporting the freedom to learn.


When we have fair courts, abusive law enforcement officials are held accountable for unjustified violence; our right to vote is protected from attack; laws protecting consumers and working people are enforced; people have better access to legally protected health care, including abortion care; we can better protect our communities from dangerous toxins and more effectively address climate change; and more.

And that’s why the Far Right has worked so hard to capture our courts – and why we have to take them back.

People For the American Way is defending democracy from attempted coups, voter suppression, and election subversion by inspiring and mobilizing support for implementation of recommendations by the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol, building momentum at the state level toward passage of sweeping federal voting rights and money in politics reform legislation, and increasing voter participation by Black men, who are frequently targeted by misinformation and voter suppression campaigns