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Minister Leslie Watson Malachi: Four Years After Citizens United: A Faith Perspective

Four years ago this week, ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, the high court infamously gave corporations the distinction, the same constitutional right as real people -- as you and me -- to spend unlimited amounts of money influencing elections. Four years later we are still advocating a point that should be obvious: Corporations are not people.

AAMLC Covenant of Commitment to Reduce Gun Violence 2016

We join in Covenant with parents, educators, community leaders, one another and other communities to aggressively raise awareness of gun violence as a spiritual and moral crisis.

Minister Leslie Watson Malachi: On Voting Rights, More Bridges to Cross

In response to the Supreme Court's recent Voting Rights Act decision, Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights hero and Georgia congressman, said, "I take it very personally. I gave a little blood on that bridge for the right to vote, for the right to participate in a democratic process."


VESSELS are people of faith -- clergy, pastors, ministry and community leaders, men, women and young adults -- firmly committed to increasing civic participation in communities that traditionally have been disenfranchised or discriminated against.

AAMIA Resolution to Correct Citizens United

A resolution in support of amending the United States Constitution to restore the people’s power to limit corporate spending in elections.


Our Work

Healing Grace – Shepherds Gathering: A Dialogue on The Black Church and Homophobia

Eight things African American pastors, faith leaders and ministries can do to create peace, safety and justice for all God’s children in our churches.

Healing Grace – Ministry of Information: Resources for Interested Faith Leaders

A List of Website Resources to Help Continue the Dialogue on The Black Church, Stigma, Prejudice and Homophobia

Seven Things African American Clergy and Faith Leaders Can Do to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A list of things African American clergy and faith leaders can do to support comprehensive immigration reform.

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