A Lou Engle Hit Parade

Engle’s public demeanor is unforgettable, often rocking back and forth, almost always shouting in a raspy voice. Here’s a selection of video, audio, and printed resources. You may find yourself unable to stop watching!

The Call to the November 1 event
"A confrontation between light and darkness...a battle to safe the very sanctity of marriage...to the victory goes the soul of the nation."

AUDIO: The Keys to Dominion
It’s almost an hour long, but you can get a good feel in the first minute and a half. Engle lays out his theology that the church — led by apostles like him — is meant to have power and dominion over the earth.

The Call Institute: Recruiting Video
God is changing the understanding of Christianity in a generation: really picks up tempo at about 50 seconds in.

Lou Engle at Protect Marriage event
Marriage in California could be a gift if it stirs the church to prayer for revival and to restrain the powers of darkness. Engle talks about a prophetic cream in which massive praying hands appear over the San Francisco skyline, a signal of a spiritual outpouring that will "heal" homosexuals" and "break the Jezebel dominion over this state."

Facedown Fast Day 2 Commentary
Engle calls for "war against the politics of neutrality that wants to drive us away from the foundational truths of the law." He said that people who are willing to compromise on issues of marriage and life "are opening the door to the spirit of anti-Christ." It’s fine to talk about compassion and poverty, but "we must war to take a stand for the issues of law, truth, marriage, and life...Satan is pouring out his strongest resistance...we must be willing to take a stand for righteousness and justice."

Facedown_Fast Day 4 commentary:
Engle apologizes to the rest of the world for U.S. moral pollution, and explains the divine mandate he received to raise up a prayer movement for the ending of abortion.

Facedown Fast Day 5 commentary:
All about judges. Why gay rights are not civil rights. Engle predicts that "a wrath will come upon the whole nation" if judges permit same-sex marriage and abortion. Chief Justice John Roberts was an answer to prayer. At about 10 minutes, he talks about marriage equality as the "legalizing of evil" and "anti-Christ legislation" and charges that churches are threatened with having to hire homosexuals. Warning: the government wants your children.

Facedown Fast Day 30 commentary:
This one’s pretty much all about abortion and the importance of defeating Obama to keep the nation from going into the "trash heap." Abortion, he says, "literally fuels the demonic powers over a nation....I believe America is at a death moment." He talks about Sarah Palin as a modern-day Esther — "literally a beauty queen!" — who appeared just as a pro-choice candidate was on the verge of sweeping the nation.

God Tube: January 2008 in Tallahassee, Florida
A classic Engle performance, in which he exults about the release of the "Horton Hears a Who" movie and suggests Dr. Seuss was inspired by God and included numerological signs that his book was meant to help end abortion in our time. He also talks about not making alliances with Jezebel and raising up a new youth army. Warning: includes a creepy section about him dreaming about being in bed with his son — a warning from God to stop watching pornography.

God Tube: Why the Call?
In this recruiting video for the August event in Washington, D.C., Engle describes the history of the Call and the coming of a "John the Baptist extreme Nazirite fasting and praying young generation" and God’s help in making the call a reality. We’re losing a nation, but God can turn things around. Mass fasting and praying as God’s prescription for a nation in crisis.

God Tube: Christian TV
Engle talks about The Call going to Jerusalem and hoping for a great revival in Israel bringing Jews to Jesus.

Engle on the 700 Club
Standard spiel about fasting prescribed in Joel 2. Engle praises Bishop Harry Jackson, talks about the 24-hour Houses of Prayer.

God Tube: Lou Engle on CBN
A preview for the Call on the Mall. The moral levees are breaking (abortion, marriage equality in California) and America needs revival more than ever.

God Tube: Recruiting for Call on the Mall
Hoping that the event will shift this year’s elections and bring a spiritual revolution to America.

God Tube: Lou’s Son Jesse at the August Call on the Mall
At about 30 seconds in you can see Lou’s son Jesse, at age 13, hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

AUDIO only podcast — preparing for 2007 Call in Nashville
Calls George W. Bush "the burning Bush" because he nominated Supreme Court justices who are restricting abortion (he celebrates the Court ruling that upheld a ban on "partial birth abortion"). He’s praying that God will drive the issue of abortion as a wedge into the elections, and says he thinks God hasn’t cured AIDS because he is punishing us for abortion.

Engle part of trailer for documentary on the "Underground Church"
Engle: "Right now they haven’t seen the true church. There’s an underground church that the world has no idea that exists. Once they get the stage, it’s over with."

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