Carl Sciortino’s “Coming Out” Ad Makes A Splash

Back in July, PFAW Voters Alliance was proud to endorse state Rep. Carl Sciortino in the Massachusetts Fifth District special election. A true progressive, Carl made waves when he was first elected in 2004 as an openly gay challenger to an anti-marriage equality incumbent. Since then, Carl has fought tirelessly for LGBT rights, as well as workers’ rights and a woman’s right to choose.

Yesterday, Carl went on the air with his first TV ad—and we think it’s pretty great:

We love this ad: it’s sweet, funny, and gets to the heart of why it’s so important to have progressives like Carl in Congress. It seems like a lot of people agree, too, with the ad receiving coverage in outlets from NBC to the New York Times. And, as Arit John of the Atlantic points out, the ad is more than just a cute promo for Carl: it also highlights “one of the biggest longterm problems facing the GOP”, in their inability to capture the youth vote.

You can read more about Carl and the issues he’ll fight for in Congress at his website