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Claire McCaskill Throws Her Support Behind Amendment to #GetMoneyOut

Yesterday, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill became the latest U.S. senator to cosponsor a proposed constitutional amendment that would give Congress and the states the authority to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures. An overwhelming majority of Americans, over 90%, want politicians to reduce the role money plays in politics. McCaskill’s decision to cosponsor S.J.Res.19, which many are calling the 28th Amendment, is in line with the desires of her constituents and the American people.

Missouri has its own fair share of millionaires and billionaires working to buy elections. Missouri political donor Rex Sinquefield, a major supporter of ALEC and the Club for Growth, spent $3.8 million in disclosed election spending in 2013 – and that only includes his traceable contributions. Fred Palmer, the chief lobbyist for Peabody Energy, contributed $112,500 to Missouri state politicians and party committees during 2012. Ron Fein, the legal director for Free Speech For People, points out in a recent opinion piece that Palmer’s 2012 contributions were more than double what the average Missourian family earns in a year.

When this amendment was first introduced it had only a handful of supporters.  We're making progress in our march towards taking back our democracy from corporations and the super wealthy, and we’re looking forward to a vote in the full Senate this year.


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