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Falsehoods and Failures: Trump During COVID-19 (4/24 Update)

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Falsehoods and Failures: Trump During COVID-19 (4/24 Update)

This week Donald Trump’s lies and misdirections backfired, further emphasizing the harm he is causing to millions of Americans. This public health crisis requires a true leader, not someone who is willing to sacrifice human lives in order to retain power.

Trump’s White House steers the chaotic federal response to COVID-19, while Trump himself focuses on attacking Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and promoting content defending his bad decisions.

One news story that deserves an honorable mention this week is that, as The New York Times put it, Trump (the company) asked Trump (the administration) for hotel relief during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic – in the midst of smaller businesses around the country being unable to get the emergency funding that they need.

PFAW is working hard to make sure our members have as complete a picture of the pandemic’s effects as possible. This weekly round-up tracks Trump’s deplorable failures of leadership during the worst social and financial crisis this country has experienced since World War II. But COVID-19 has also magnified societal inequities that vulnerable communities have long endured – and the right wing continues its campaign against sense and truth. PFAW’s Right Wing Watch is tracking coverage of the far-right’s misdeeds, and a new PFAW blog series highlights how many historically marginalized communities across the country are disproportionately affected by coronavirus. Together, we can stay informed and hold leadership accountable during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.


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