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Fire Drill Fridays: Jane Fonda and Ben Jealous on Climate Justice and Big Money in Politics

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On March 12, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous joined Jane Fonda at her weekly activist virtual event, Fire Drill Fridays, to discuss all the ways that Big Money in politics is dangerous for the fight for climate justice as well as for our political system, and what we can do to get rid of it. Fire Drill Fridays is an activist partnership founded by Greenpeace to raise awareness of our current climate emergency, hosted weekly by longtime activist-actor Fonda.

This episode’s focus is on the ways that Big Money in politics undermines our fight for climate justice by incentivizing politicians to do the fossil fuel industry‚Äôs bidding rather than listen to their constituents. Combined with longstanding government subsidies for oil and gas companies, this allows the fossil fuel industry to have a stranglehold on the health and safety of our communities nationwide. Jealous and Fonda discussed the grassroots efforts to get Big Money out of politics and identify the ways that the Biden-Harris administration could make a big difference.


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