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Freedom Ride For Voting Rights: Atlanta, Georgia

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The Blackest Bus Stops in Atlanta, Georgia: Freedom Ride 2021

We’re proud to be joining the 2021 Freedom Ride for Voting Rights! We’ll be riding along on the Blackest Bus in America, organizing to defend the Black vote and pass the For the People Act. Follow along for updates from Markus Batchelor, People For’s Deputy Director of Leadership Programs.

People For’s Markus Batchelor Reflects on Being in the Birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“Dr. King is my hero. I grew up off of MLK Avenue and went to MLK Elementary School where I did renditions of the I Have A Dream speech for school assemblies. As I grew in activism and entered politics, his radical and bold vision of a beloved community and non-violent resistance became the bedrock of my worldview,” wrote Batchelor on his Instagram, @MarkusForDC.

“Being here in Atlanta on Auburn Avenue where he was born and came of age; where he was educated and pastored; where he was funeralized and buried was such an amazing and humbling experience.”

We were thrilled to be joined by members of our Young Elected Officials Network, Georgia State Representatives Park Cannon, Bee Nguyen, and Teri Anulewicz!

Check out pictures from our stop in Atlanta!



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