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Grandparents For Truth Needs Your Help to Recall Extremist School Board Members in Temecula

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Grandparents For Truth Needs Your Help to Recall Extremist School Board Members in Temecula

Grandparents For Truth is all about defending the rights of students to learn the truth and feel safe while doing it. So, when school boards fail in their responsibility to provide honest instruction and safe environments, Grandparents For Truth takes action.  

In Temecula, California, three members of the local school board have attempted to push their own extremist agenda, and the entire school district is dealing with the consequences. A local group called One Temecula Valley PAC has started a recall effort to get these extremists off the school board, and Grandparents For Truth is helping out. 

To give you more insight into what’s going on in Temecula and why it’s so important, we spoke with Jeff Pack of One Temecula Valley PAC and  

Thanks for speaking with us, Jeff. So first off, what did these school board members do to justify the recall effort? 

As a group, we stand for good governance, and these three board members have proven, pretty quickly, they intend to impose their political and personal ideological will on the rest of the district. Partisan politics do not belong in nonpartisan seats and since day one, these three have proven to be following a national political playbook that is designed to defund and dismantle public education in America. They’ve committed vast amounts of district money to hire attorneys to protect them from lawsuits as they dismantle Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD), and enacted policies that violate the civil rights of students, teachers, staff, and the community. They have attempted to whitewash history, have made horrific homophobic comments, denied students textbooks — all of which has brought chaos down upon the district and our community. 

What does it mean to recall school board members? 

We are collecting signatures in order to get a special election where the community can vote whether or not to remove one or all three of the board members from their seats. The existing board members would then be able to appoint replacements until the next general election in Nov. 2024.  

Why is it so important to recall these school board members? 

With a 3-2 majority and a blind allegiance to their destructive cause, their desire to fight Sacramento politically from their seats in Temecula, and the influence an extremist pastor has on their policy making, there is no hope for moderation or negotiation from this group of extremists. The only thing that stops them from running TVUSD into the ground is getting at least one of them recalled.  

What will it take for this recall effort to be successful? 

We need to get 4,500 signatures from voters in the trustee area of at least one of one of the offending board members—4,500 signatures for each area would be great—to move this effort forward. We also need money for a widespread approach to advertising, canvassing software, printing and materials, and a lot of long hours walking and knocking on doors from a lot of volunteers to get this done. If one out of every three people who have already signed commit to walking and knocking on doors, this will happen. 

What can people do to get involved? 

Visit, follow us on social media ( @onetvpac / @onetemeculavalleypac ) to get the latest asks and updates from our team. You can set up recurring donations through our donation system, purchase yard signs, and volunteer to be a part of our walking teams to collect signatures.  

Thanks, Jeff! 

If you’re in Temecula, please visit, sign a petition, and help recall these extremist school board members. If you’re not in Temecula, you can still take action by supporting Grandparents For Truth in our mission to protect students’ rights to fair, honest, and welcoming education. 



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