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Jamie Raskin Discusses Key Court Cases With Progressive Leaders

Earlier this week, on a call hosted by People For the American Way, senior fellow Jamie Raskin discussed some of this term’s most important Supreme Court cases in an exclusive conversation with members of our affiliate foundation’s leadership networks: the African American Ministers Leadership Council, the Young Elected Officials Network, and Young People For. As the invitation stated:

In response to a national groundswell against racism, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act … Will the Supreme Court strike down the premier civil rights legislation of the twentieth century?

In response to a different type of groundswell, Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act and California adopted Proposition 8. Will the Supreme Court protect the rights of gay and lesbian couples?

In response to a campus that didn’t reflect diversity, the University of Texas adopted an affirmative action plan. Will the Supreme Court call that an unconstitutional act of racism?

Cases like these and so many others make it clear that the nation’s courts matter. Struggles to adopt policies, for both good and evil, don’t end when they’re adopted by Congress, states, cities, universities, or businesses. The courts often get the last word.

And their decisions affect all of us profoundly.

Professor Raskin discussed these cases and answered questions from participants from around the country.

A recording of the call can be found here:


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