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Jay Inslee: “Judges Need to Support the Constitutional Rights of Everyone”

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As the 2020 presidential primary season continues to heat up, PFAW is continuing its focus on protecting the federal courts by encouraging Democratic candidates to make the courts a key issue in their campaigns.

On May 24, Washington Governor Jay Inslee spoke to the issue during a campaign event in Nevada. When asked about his thoughts on the judiciary, Inslee responded:

“We need judges who are going to be good judges, and they need to support the constitutional rights of everyone, including the women of the United States, who have a clear, unambiguous constitutional right for freedom of their own personal destiny. I would appoint judges that would fulfill that mandate so that our courts look like America … We need to be more aggressive on behalf of the Constitution and our individual liberties.”

We expect every Democratic candidate to say clearly that they would nominate fair-minded constitutionalists. Want to help? Tweet us using the hashtag #VoteTheCourts2020 when you see or hear candidates emphasize the courts on their websites, social media, and in their speeches.


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