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John Lewis and a new generation of movement leaders

Last week we shared with you John Lewis's story, the day before he took the podium as the sole surviving speaker from the March on Washington.

His remarks were a powerful call to action, especially for today's youth.

And I say to all the young people, you must get out there and push and pull and make America what America should be for all of us . . . I'm not tired. I'm not weary. I'm not prepared to sit down and give up. I am ready to fight and continue to fight. And you must fight.

Immediately after Representative Lewis stepped off the stage, a new generation answered that call.

9-year-old Asean Johnson said:

I have a dream that we shall overcome.

Newark Mayor and US Senate candidate Cory Booker had earlier shared the youth leadership message that his father shared with him:

Cary Alfred Booker:

Boy, don't you dare walk around here like you hit a triple, cause you were born on third base . . . Don't you forget where you came from . . . It is our moral obligation to pay it forward.

The youth leaders of PFAW Foundation are paying it forward every day.

Young People For alum Sophia Campos:

Young People For alum Phillip Agnew:

Additionally, African American Ministers Leadership Council member Rev. Charles Williams, of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, was honored on stage by the event organizers.


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