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Kathleen Turner wants you to join the Banned Books Reading Challenge

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It’s the last day to join Grandparents For Truth’s Banned Books Reading Challenge – and we don’t want you to miss out! All you have to do is send in a photo or video of yourself with a banned book, and you’ll earn points to get free Grandparents For Truth swag. It’s a great way to show your support for People For and help support our work to fight book bans and defend the freedom to learn!

We caught up with People For board member, actress, and activist Kathleen Turner, who had a special message for our members who are dedicated to defending the freedom to learn.

Hi. I’m Kathleen Turner.

And I’m inviting you to join our Grandparents For Truth Banned Book Reading Challenge to fight back against book banning and censorship. 

It’s easy and fun, and you don’t have to be a grandparent to do it! Just someone who loves books, kids, and the freedom to learn. 

Find out more at And thank you for joining us in the fight against censorship.

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Picture of actress Kathleen Turner

How You Can Join the Challenge

Grandmother holding two grandchildren

  1. Sign up for the challenge here.
  2. Pick a banned book off of our banned book reading list
  3. Submit a photo or video of you (or you and a grandkid!) reading the banned book. If you post it to social, make sure you tag us (we’re @peoplefor on Twitter/X and Facebook and @peoplefor_ on Instagram)and use the hashtag #bannedbooks2023
  4. Each photo or video you submit or tag us in is worth one point! Rack up points to get free Grandparents for Truth swag like tshirts, book marks, water bottles, and more!
  5. Keep an eye on your inbox! At the end of October, we’ll reach out to you to see what swag you’d like.

The challenge ends at midnight on October 31st – so submit your photos now! 


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