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New Data Shows DC Circuit Caseload Continues to Rise

The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts has just updated its caseload data for the nation's federal courts, and the news isn't good for Senate Republicans intent on rigging the DC Circuit.

The data shows that the caseload at the DC Circuit continues to rise, with 1,456 pending cases as of March 31 (up from 1,419 on December 31, which itself was up from 1,315 on September 30). This pokes yet another hole in the GOP's assertion that President Obama should not be allowed to fill the three vacancies on the DC Circuit because its supposedly low caseload can be handled by the current eight active judges. Senate Republicans fought to confirm George W. Bush nominees to the ninth, tenth, and even the eleventh judgeships at times when the caseload was much lower than today.


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