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Newsweek: MAGA Pastor’s Bizarre Explanation After Getting Jim Jordan Prophecy Wrong

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First published in Newsweek.

Pastor Shane Vaughn, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, recently offered a strange explanation for failing to correctly predict the new Republican House speaker.

In a video clip shared Thursday to X, formerly Twitter, by Right Wing Watch—a project of liberal advocacy group People for the American Way—Vaughn argues that the close relationship between the two Republican congressmen had caused Johnson to become a “duplicate” of Jordan, referring to the new House speaker as “Mike Jordan” at one point.

“Mike Johnson is Jim Jordan because he is Jim Jordan’s protégé,” Vaughn explains. “The difference in Mike and Jim is that Jim has a lot of haters…only because Jim Jordan has been in the limelight…whereas Mike Jordan has not been.”

Read the full article in Newsweek.


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