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Next Up Victory Fund Applications for Candidate Slate to Stop Police Violence

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Next Up Victory Fund Applications for Candidate Slate to Stop Police Violence

On August 11, People For the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund opened the application process to join a slate of young, progressive candidates running for state or local office who are committed to creating change to stop police violence.

The application has been sent to hundreds of candidates through various networks. The new slate will endorse candidates who understand the urgency of ending police violence and who have demonstrated their commitment to create solutions to reimagine public safety. Candidates will also share their personal and political experiences that have influenced their commitment to this issue.

The application includes questions about candidates’ personal experiences that have motivated them to end police violence, and questions about their positions including:

  • Practices that limit unnecessary police contact,
  • Psychological screenings for police officers,
  • Removing problematic officers,
  • Recruiting good officers,
  • Reallocation of police budgets, and
  • Cultural competency and de-escalation training.

PFAW’s goal is to help elect the candidates in this slate to key positions, especially in states and metro areas where they can help usher in lasting progressive change at local and state levels.

The deadline to submit applications is close of business on August 25, so make sure to share or apply today!

Apply here!


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