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Not Even GOP’s Own Witnesses Oppose Loretta Lynch

Today was the second and final day of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be attorney general. Today’s session was devoted to witnesses invited by Republican and Democratic senators to help the committee members make the very serious decision as to whether to Lynch is qualified.

Most of the Democrats’ witnesses praised Lynch based on their personal and professional experiences with her over the years. But the Republican witnesses had no such personal or professional experience with the nominee, nor did they take issue with her qualifications. In fact, they didn’t have much to say about Lynch at all. Instead, they spent their time criticizing President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

But what did they think of Lynch? The committee’s ranking Democrat decided to find out: Senator Patrick Leahy asked all of the witnesses, Republican and Democratic alike, to raise their hand if they actually opposed Lynch.

Not one did.

So the GOP couldn’t find even one person who could testify that Lynch isn’t qualified.

That’s very telling. As PFAW explained in our letter to the Senate supporting Lynch, President Obama has made a nomination with bipartisan support who Senate Democrats and Republicans alike can support.

At the conclusion of Lynch’s hearings, it’s clear that she deserves a timely committee vote and confirmation by the full Senate.


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