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One Third of Americans Live in Cities or States Calling for Amendment to #GetMoneyOut

The movement to get big money out of politics has made remarkable progress. Four years ago, after the Supreme Court issued its Citizens United ruling, there were just four senators cosponsoring an amendment to overturn that decision and related cases. Today, nearly half the US Senate and more than 100 representatives want to amend the Constitution to #GetMoneyOut. Another leap forward came last week when the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on one of the amendment proposals, SJ Res 19.

Cities and states have made their own strong showings of support.

Sixteen states, with a total population of 97,906,434, have passed resolutions demanding a constitutional amendment. An additional 168 cities, counties, and towns outside those borders have taken similar action, bringing the total to 120,981,141 people. This means that about one third of Americans live in areas that have taken official steps to reclaim our democracy from special interests and corporations.


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