People For the American Way

PFAW Kicks Off Letter Campaign for Amendment to #GetMoneyOut

People For the American Way, Public Citizen, Free Speech For People, Common Cause, and US PIRG are mounting a multi-pronged campaign to boost House and Senate cosponsorship of the Democracy for All constitutional amendment to overturn decisions like Citizens United and get big money out of politics.

Last week, we joined our allies in urging activists to thank members of Congress who are already on board, and to ask those who aren’t to sign up now.

Today, we kicked off a “letter-a-day” campaign for the Democracy for All amendment. This means that supporting advocacy organizations have signed up to send their own letters to congressional offices on a specific day, resulting in each office receiving at least one letter per day in support of the amendment.

PFAW’s letter was the first to make its way to the Hill:

While amending the Constitution is unquestionably a weighty matter—only warranted in rare and compelling circumstances—this is one of those moments in our nation’s history. The American people and their elected officials are increasingly speaking out about the need for an amendment. As of April 30, H.J.Res. 22 had 108 cosponsors,xvi and S.J.Res. 5 had 40 cosponsors.xvii The building momentum in Congress for an amendment mirrors the robust grassroots organizing taking place across the country at the state and local levels. Since the landmark Citizens United decision, 16 states and more than 650 municipalities, including large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, have gone on record supporting congressional passage of a constitutional amendment to be sent to the states for ratification. Transcending political leaning and geographic location, voters in states and municipalities that have placed amendment questions on the ballot have routinely supported these initiatives by large margins.xviii Five million American have signed their names to the amendment support petitions circulated by dozens of reform groups.xix The momentum to address the issue of big money in politics grows stronger by the day.

We’ll keep you posted as the “letter-a-day” campaign continues.


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