Rep. Patrick McHenry Attacks Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, calls Elizabeth Warren a Liar

House Republicans once again showed their lack of concern for the American consumer, using a subcommittee hearing about the nascent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to personally attack Elizabeth Warren, who helped develop the agency.

McHenry had called Warren to a hearing entitled (yes, really) “Who’s Watching the Watchmen,” discussing her role in the Consumer Financial Protection Board. Before the hearing even began, McHenry appeared on CNBC and charged Warren with lying about her advisory role to the CFPB, despite the fact that both the Treasury and Justice Department officials had asked for her assistance.

McHenry continued to attack Warren during the hearing, which devolved into a debate about the true meaning of the word “advice”. By the end of the hearing, McHenry’s attacks on Warren had become so forceful that Representative John Yarmuth felt compelled to apologize to Warren for the “rude and disrespectful behavior of the chair.”

The hearing’s absurdity reached its peak when McHenry tried to call a temporary recess. Warren objected, citing an agreement they had made earlier to end at 2:15 so she could attend other meetings. Though the 2:15 end time was later confirmed correct by the CFPB, McHenry didn’t believe Warren’s claim, and told her she “had no agreement” and that she was “making this up.”

Disagreeing with Warren’s policies? Acceptable. Baselessly calling her a liar, for the second time in one day? Not so much.

Public opinion has stood strongly on Warren’s side, flooding McHenry’s Facebook fan page with angry comments, such as “Your display with Ms. Warren disgusted me” and “As someone with southern roots, we don’t treat guests like you did to Ms. Warren.” Despite the public outcry and the facts against him, McHenry refuses to issue an apology for the incident.


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