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Svante Myrick Quoted on How Indictment and Potential Trial Could Damage Trump – Truthout

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First published in Truthout.

A new survey suggests the growing pile of criminal indictments and felony charges against Donald Trump could eventually erode the former president’s substantial lead in the GOP primary if enough voters pay attention to news from reliable outlets.

Svante Myrick, president of People For the American Way, a decades-old progressive group, said we are still living in a dangerous time for U.S. democracy. Myrick says it’s dangerous that Trump supporters still believe Trump even when he is lying to them and there is plenty of available evidence to the contrary. And it will be dangerous if Republican voters fail to appreciate the seriousness of the charges against Trump and therefore “refuse to accept the consequences” he may face.

Like other advocates, Myrick said the trial in Georgia must be televised, because “people believe what they see on their screens.” Instead of asking whether Trump or the media is telling the truth, Myrick suggested GOP voters turn the question around and ask themselves why they support a candidate who faces four separate criminal indictments in the first place.

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