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The Progressive Happy Hour: Trump’s Attacks on Science

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The Progressive Happy Hour: Trump’s Attacks on Science

One hallmark of the Trump administration is its aggressive attacks on science-based policies and research. These attacks don’t just devalue science’s role in learning, problem-solving and developing new technologies – they also shape our health, public lands and democracy.

In the April 19 episode of “The Progressive Happy Hour,” cohost Drew Courtney and guest host Diallo Brooks talk to Jacob Carter, a research scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists, about Trump’s attacks on science and what it means for our democracy.

Jacob explained that science and democracy “go hand in hand. Science and scientific evidence are really used at all three levels of government decision-making … We really need science at the forefront of the policy-making to make it most effective and ensure that those [political] systems and processes and … decisions are most effective at protecting [our] public health and safety.”

To learn how to protect science’s role in decision-making and stay up-to-date on Jacob’s work, visit the Union of Concerned Scientists’ website or follow Jacob on Twitter.

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