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Virginia: Don’t Go Back Down the Trump Road with Youngkin

Virginia: Don’t Go Back Down the Trump Road with Youngkin

Days away from a critical election in which Virginians will select their next governor, the stakes could not be higher: Glenn Youngkin is a right-wing candidate whose ascendance to the governorship would trigger another Trumpian disaster. Youngkin himself has said that Democrats’ march toward progress will come to a “complete stop” if he’s elected.

PFAW President Ben Jealous in Blavity:

Youngkin has enthusiastically joined a national right-wing campaign of fearmongering about public schools and so-called “critical race theory” — really just telling the truth about racism in American history and institutions. He has aligned himself with right-wing groups mobilizing hostile crowds to assail school boards over teaching about racism and LGBTQ-inclusive policies in public schools. He has called for more restrictive voting laws based on the need for “election integrity,” MAGA code for voter suppression justified by Trump’s lies about voter fraud and a stolen election.

Youngkin’s bona fides as a Trump acolyte are undeniable, and time is running short to stop him not only from turning back the clock in Virginia but also from sending a dangerous message that will reverberate nationwide.

President Jealous:

Reading stories about the tightening race, I keep thinking about 2016, when some Democratic voters didn’t bother casting a ballot because they thought Trump couldn’t win. We ended up with four divisive years of Trump — and decades of damage that will result, including harm caused by his judges and Supreme Court justices.

This is no time for complacency. Turnout helped turn the tide against Trump. Turnout can stop Youngkin in his tracks.

Ben Jealous is the President of People For the American Way.


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