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Why Our Members Are Proud To Be Grandparents For Truth 

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Earlier this year, we launched Grandparents For Truth, a program aimed at bringing together grandparents—and everyone else who believes in the freedom to learn—to speak out against book bans and censorship. The response has been incredible. All around the country we’ve had members stand up and tell us why Grandparents For Truth is so important to them, and we wanted to share a few of those stories with you.

Here’s What Our Grandparents For Truth Had To Say 

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’m with Grandparents For Truth. And I’m here because I’m very concerned about what’s going on in education. Yes, I was concerned about Florida, and I was concerned about Georgia. But when it hit Temecula, my hometown. Hello. The first thing that really got me was the ban on the social studies book because I have LGBTQ, I’ve got different races and religions in my family, and I love them all, and nobody’s going to tell me that they are second class citizens. Then I found out how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they’ve already wasted, these three new people. That could be going to so many other things for our children, for supplemental, um, materials, for supplies. Oh, my golly, that’s a lot of money. And so, I decided I had to act, and here I am.

My name is Stephanie Nehrlich. I am a teacher and a parent in Temecula Valley. I am supporting this recall because I’d like to preserve our schools and the dignity of our classroom and our districts. I moved my family out here so that my son could have the quality education that has been known to be had here. So I hope everybody will come out, support the recall, and take politics and extreme religion out of school.

I’m Clarance, and I’m here today because one of my teachers wisely read to us Diary of Anne Frank when I was in the fourth grade. And that book resounds again with its knowledge, its power, and its insight. But again, when I was in college, it was reintroduced to me from a behavioral health standpoint, which allowed me to see it and experience it even deeper. These banned books have value. These banned books can change lives. Think about what you’re doing and try to understand. One day, you may be marginalized as well.

My name’s Nancy Woods and I am here today because I have six grandkids that are in public schools. I attended a public school K through post-graduate college. My daughters attended public school. We need to be sure that our grandchildren have that opportunity and that they are provided with a fair and inclusive curriculum in their schools, and that we have board of education, and not just board of education but our schools, that are in favor of justice for all.

My Name’s Jenny Paul. I’m here for many reasons. I’m a grandmother of two. And I’m a Grandmother for Truth. The truth about the LGBTQIA community. The truth about Black, brown, Jewish, Chinese History. I believe in rights for everybody.

Thanks to Every Member of Grandparents For Truth 

Defending education, combatting censorship, and standing up for the freedom to learn take all of us. We’re so grateful to the grandparents and all those who have already come out to support Grandparents For Truth, and we’re always eager for more defenders of truth to join the cause.  

Learn more about Grandparents For Truth and how you can make your voice heard here, and please consider donating or becoming a member of People For to help preserve education for the next generation. 


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