Artists For Democracy

Art has a singular ability to shape our society and our politics. We're using it to turn out the vote in 2024.

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In the 2024 election, America’s democracy is at stake.

Despite facing 91 felony counts, Donald Trump is all but guaranteed to become the Republican nominee for President. And when this happens, he himself has already promised that if elected as President again, he will rule as a dictator on “day one.”

In 2020, People For the American Way launched Enough of Trump, working with world-renowned artists like Shepard Fairey, Carrie Mae Weems, Ed Ruscha, and more to create and install artist-designed billboards to get-out-the-vote in the battleground states.

Four years later, we’re taking our work to new heights with Artists For Democracy 2024.

Several of the same beloved artists, along with new artists and organizers, will work to create art across four (and possibly more!) swing states: Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. They’ll convey the stakes we’re up against in this election on billboards, in radio announcements, and at public gatherings.

Art has the power to change perceptions and inspire action, cutting through the noise and speaking to our hopes, fears, and dreams. With your help, we can come together one more time to avoid dictatorship and save democracy.


Meet the Artists: Artists For Democracy 2024

We’re working with artists across the nation to turn out the vote. Learn more about them here.

Victoria Cassinova  |  Shephard Fairey  |  Jeffrey Gibson  |  Titus Kaphar  |  Deborah Kass |  Christine Sun Kim |  John Lehr | Beverly McIver Amalia Mesa-Baines Sam Messer | Angelica MuroCleon PetersonAlyson ShotzHank Willis Thomas | Carrie Mae Weems  

Victoria Cassinova

Shepard Fairey

Jeffrey Gibson

Titus Kaphar

Deborah Kass

Christine Sun Kim

John Lehr

Beverly McIver

Amalia Mesa-Baines

Sam Messner

Angelica Muro

Cleon Peterson

Alyson Shotz

Hank Willis Thomas

Carrie Mae Weems