Get the Swag: I Still Believe in Norman Lear’s America

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First, who’s Norman? (skip this part if you are already a fan of Norman).

Norman Lear is a legendary television and film producer behind visionary shows like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Good Times. His shows weren’t just popular – they fostered countless conversations about important social issues, including racism, LGBTQ rights, and abortion.

His shows broke new ground on representation and inclusion, changing the face of television in part by changing the faces that were on television. 

So what’s all this about?

In 1981, Lear was disturbed by the divisive rhetoric and authoritarian agenda being spread by leaders of the emerging religious right political movement. He founded People For the American Way (that’s us!), to mobilize Americans in defense of progressive constitutional values, recruiting the late Rep. Barbara Jordan and other civic, religious, civil rights, and business leaders to join him. He remains an active board member here, where we fight every day to protect the right for a woman to make choices about her own body via fair courts, voting rights, LGBTQ equality, the freedom to learn, and so much more. 


Norman believes in the American Way, and we still believe in Norman Lear’s vision of America.

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