The U.S. Postal Service is facing unprecedented challenges and political threats even while it is an essential lifeline for millions of Americans, especially those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Click here to sign the petition to Congress and add your voice to the growing movement to save the USPS >>


Call 1-844-230-5065 to be connected to your U.S. senators. Tell them to include the $25 billion in emergency funding for the Post Office already passed by the House in their most recent COVID relief bill.

People For the American Way Foundation released the following video to honor the U.S. Postal Service’s historic role in serving and uniting all Americans:

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About the video:

“Defend Our Post Office,” was created and contributed by Work-Order, a New York-based branding studio, and inspired by Risa Mickenberg’s love letter to the post office. Strikingly emotional and with no spoken message, the fast-paced ode reinforces the vital, connecting role the U.S. Postal Service plays in all American lives. To complement the historical imagery, the video features a track that is “a plea to our country, from its citizens,” said Work-Order partners Keira Alexandra and Kiffer Keegan. The song titled “Present Joys,” is a layered cry of thanks sung in a rousing chorale fugue, that originally dates back to the early 1900s.


Extended credits:

People For the American Way Foundation

Conceived, Created and Produced by

Keira Alexandra & Kiffer Keegan

Hermette Productions
Risa Mickenberg

Rusty Van Riper

Music Supervisors
Aaron Mercer, Josh Deutsch and Rob Kaplan
for Premier Music Group

“Present Joys”
Performed by
United Sacred Harp Convention, 1959
From the Alan Lomax Collection at the American
Folklife Center, Library of Congress
Courtesy of the Association for Cultural Equity

Published by
Sacred Harp Publishing Company

Written by
Alfred Marcus Cagle

Image Rights and Clearances
Cleared by Ashley, Inc.
Ashley Kravitz

Thanks to Our Country’s Resources
Library of Congress
National Archives
The Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Additional Footage by
Michael Bascombe
Paul Bastin
Zohar Kfir
Getty Images

Special Thanks to
Forrest Lahens
Matt Lenski
Maria Reidelbach
Judy Shaw
Mike Wodkowski
Marge Baker • Michael Keegan

Extra Special Thanks to
Lillian, Noel, Sander & Uma
Freddy & Harry