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ABC Drops Andrew Breitbart


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Following widespread criticism of its decision to feature Andrew Breitbart, ABC News announced that the right-wing mudslinger would no longer participate in the network’s election coverage.  ABC cited Breitbart’s continued misrepresentation of his role as the reason for eliminating his participation.

Many watchdogs had expressed concern about elevating Breitbart, whose ongoing activism has included deceptively edited footage designed to smear his opponents.  People For the American Way President Michael B. Keegan expressed his concerns in a letter sent yesterday to ABC News President David Westin.

“ABC’s decision to fire Andrew Breitbart is undoubtedly the right one,” said Keegan. “Breitbart’s disregard for the truth or for common decency has been readily apparent to anyone who has followed his exploits.  I’m glad ABC has decided to nix Breitbart’s participation, but they shouldn’t have invited it in the first place.  This year’s election has been characterized by more divisiveness and vitriol than any election in recent memory.  Going forward, it will be all the more important that news organizations aspiring to neutrality are careful not to mistake dishonesty and end deception as just another viewpoint that deserves a fair hearing.”