‘Devious Plans’ Resurface as Gov. Bush Endorses Second Election on Florida’s Class Size Initiative


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Gov. Bush Endorses Call for New Vote on Amendment 9

Reporters/Editors: Earlier today, Gov. Jeb Bush publicly gave his support to holding a special election later this year in which voters would be asked to reconsider decisions they’ve already made to support an initiative to reduce class sizes in Florida’s public schools. Amendment 9 was approved by the state’s voters last November. People For the American Way was one of the leading partners in the pro-Amendment 9 Coalition to Reduce Class Size.

Statement of Sharon Lettman-Pacheco
Deputy National Field Director,
People For the American Way
Tallahassee, Fla.

Nearly four months after the November election, Governor Jeb Bush’s self-described “devious plans” are reappearing. This morning, the governor endorsed the proposal for a special election to force Floridians to vote a second time on the class-size and other initiatives. In effect, the governor has broken his own promise to abide by the will of the voters, a promise he made soon after the election.

No matter how the citizens of this state voted on Amendment 9, they are now hearing a destructive and anti-democratic message—the governor and his allies in Tallahassee are willing to ignore the voters’ clearly expressed wishes. When our state’s top elected official shows this contempt for a decision of the voters, is it any wonder why so many eligible voters ask: “What’s the point?”

Last November, the voters made it clear that education was their top priority. Unfortunately, the governor’s refusal to accept the will of the people means that Florida’s schools and children will suffer. By picking and choosing which votes he’s going to honor, Gov. Bush is effectively picking and choosing which children will have a chance to succeed. If the governor and his allies have extra money, it should go into our public schools, not be wasted on an unnecessary special election.

Last November, the voters exercised their responsibility. When will the governor exercise his?