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Exit Polls Say Supreme Court Was a Winning Issue for Obama


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Exit polls from CNN provided more evidence that the Supreme Court was a winning issue for Senator Barack Obama. Data from the nationwide survey of voters shows that those who called the Supreme Court a factor in their vote broke for Obama 53 to 45. Voters who called future Supreme Court appointments the most important factor went for Obama even more strongly — 57 to 41.

People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert issued the following statement:

“It’s time to put to rest the notion that the Supreme Court is only an issue for conservatives. This week, voters had the Supreme Court in mind when they chose the next president, and they elected someone who has said he will nominate justices who will protect their personal freedoms and ensure every American equal access to justice. They said it was time for justices who will keep faith with our core constitutional values of liberty, equality and opportunity for all. Americans said it was time for a change, time for judges and justices who will make decisions based on the law and the Constitution, not on a political agenda.”

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