Judiciary Committee Sends Southwick to the Full Senate


Contact: Drew Courtney or Josh Glasstetter at People For the American Way

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 202-467-4999

In response to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote to advance the nomination of Leslie Southwick to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas released the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed that the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee and Senator Feinstein have advanced Leslie Southwick’s nomination to a powerful lifetime seat on the Fifth Circuit. It is incomprehensible that someone with such a disturbing legal record is being pushed toward confirmation. That’s not what Americans voted for when they gave Democrats a majority in the Senate.

“People For the American Way strongly urges the full Senate to reject Leslie Southwick’s confirmation and insists that President Bush consult with Senators and nominate a qualified nominee who will fairly interpret the law for all Americans.”