Miers Hearings Rushed on Capitol Hill


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Senate Needs More Time to Assess Supreme Court Candidate

Following news reports that the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court candidate Harriet Miers will begin November 7th, only five weeks after her nomination, People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas issued the following statement:

“It’s wrong to rush a hearing on this nominee for a lifetime appointment. The Senate and the American people need more time to assess a candidate who is so little known, who has never served as a judge, and whose answers to the Senate’s written questionnaire were as illuminating as a 25-watt bulb. Her role as President Bush’s personal lawyer, and as an influential voice in critical White House decisions over the past four years must be examined closely to see whether she can make the fair and independent judgments required of the Supreme Court.

“Justice O’Connor has graciously agreed to serve until her replacement is confirmed. The work of the Court continues uninterrupted, and the Senate must deliberately exercise its role in our system of checks and balances. Substantive concerns about Miers’ qualifications, her close connection to President Bush, and other issues have been raised. The White House and the nominee should release documents and provide substantive answers pertaining to Miers’ work in the White House, and the Senate should take the time necessary for a thoughtful, deliberate consideration of this nomination.”