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Millennial Elected Officials Respond to State of The Union


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As part of the newly launched ‘America’s Cabinet’, members respond to State of the Union Speech

WASHINGTON – Monday, the Young Elected Officials Network (YEO) launched their latest project, ‘America’s Cabinet’, a national network of diverse elected officials from across 13 states. The cabinet shared their vision for how America could live up to its promise here at home and around the world.

America’s Cabinet, and YEO leaders respond to State of the Union:

Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, N.Y. and Director of Youth Leadership Program, People For the American Way Foundation, said

“The president’s State of the Union was filled with policies that have little chance of passing, but these young leaders have bold ideas they’re implementing right now in their own constituencies. They’ve passed legislation in Colorado that feeds more schoolchildren and created programs in Wisconsin that give workers the skills they need to compete. From California to Maine, they’ve moved beyond the partisanship that has become so characteristic of Washington D.C. These are proven leaders.”

On Infrastructure:

Crisanta Duran (America’s Cabinet Secretary of Transportation)

“It is crucial that we invest in infrastructure that supports local businesses, ensures Americans have access to quality jobs, and preserves our country’s natural beauty while keeping our environment clean and safe for future generations.”

On Tax:

Jon Hoadley (America’s Cabinet Secretary of the Treasury)

“We need to put long-term investment back at the center of our economy by implementing a more equitable tax system and rewarding companies that keep jobs right here in the United States, rather than recklessly borrowing money from our children to give a tax cut to billionaires and the world’s largest corporations.”

On Immigration:

Adam Morfeld (America’s Cabinet Secretary of State)

“The United States must pursue an immigration policy that lives up to its historic role as a nation that welcomes immigrants of all backgrounds. By charting a responsible course on immigration, we can ensure that the United States remains an economic powerhouse made up of talented workers from around the world while also treating the most vulnerable among us – like Dreamers and refugees – with the compassion that they deserve.

The YEO Network, a nonpartisan program of People For the American Way Foundation, is the first and only national initiative to provide a network of support to the newest generation of progressive leaders at every level of elected office.