Monica Goodling Testimony Confirms Need for Accountability


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In her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday, Monica Goodling admitted to “crossing the line” in making hiring decisions at the Department of Justice based on political considerations, and claimed that both Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty made misstatements to Congress or the American people.

David Becker, Director of People For the American Way’s Democracy Campaign, issued the following statement:

“Monica Goodling’s testimony only raises further troubling questions about what has been going on in the Department of Justice. The more we hear about the process by which the U.S. Attorneys were fired, the more obvious it becomes that Congress needs to hear from Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and other White House staff. Goodling’s testimony about hiring practices confirms that the Department of Justice has increasingly become a political organization guided by allegiance to George Bush’s political interests, at the expense of the law and public interest.

“Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the Department of Justice supports the rule of law, not just the whims of the president. There’s no excuse for looking the other way when laws have been broken and the office of the Attorney General has been abused. Politicians of both parties should look beyond short term political gain, investigate the actions of the White House, and hold those responsible to account.”