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New Right Wing Watch Report Highlights Far-Right Attacks on Trans Community


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Washington, DC — Today, Right Wing Watch, a project of People For the American Way, released a report detailing attacks on transgender women and children by far-right members of government and the religious right.

“Unsportsmanlike: The Right-Wing Attack on Transgender Women and Children,” explores the history of trans women in sports and examines the role of Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and the religious right in stoking the flames of anti-trans rhetoric and legislation, and how the far right uses fear to manipulate their base into supporting these acts of bigotry.

Highlights of the report include Trump’s support of trans-bashing, conservatives rallying behind fear, religious-right groups influencing state legislators, and the anti-trans coalition. Here’s an excerpt: 

“By focusing on the sports angle, conservatives are able to rally behind a fear that Democrats are jeopardizing the safety of women and female athletes by introducing a supposedly unequal playing field. The argument, which is little more than outdated anti-trans narratives masquerading as feminist talking points, is designed to exclude trans athletes while presenting Republicans as defenders of women’s rights…”

Read the full report here.

The report comes as Republican-controlled state legislatures around the country continue to push legislation designed to exclude transgender individuals from participating in sports under the guise of “fairness.” More than 30 statehouses across the country have taken up legislation that would bar trans students from competing on sports teams corresponding to their gender identity.

With the release of this report, we are making Right Wing Watch experts Kristen Doerer and Karim Zidan—the authors of the report—available for interviews to discuss the content of the report and where this wave of anti-trans sentiment goes from here.

Kristen and Karim are also available to discuss:

  • how attacks on trans athletes fit into a broader effort by religious-right organizations to trample the rights of trans Americans, as shown by other attacks on trans people, including those on Dr. Rachel Levine during her confirmation as Assistant Secretary of Health and those aimed at the Equality Act;
  • the science behind trans girls and women in sports; and
  • where the American public stands on trans rights and trans women in sports.

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