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Palin Remarks Distract from McCain Plan for Supreme Court


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In response to Sarah Palin’s remarks concerning the Supreme Court on Wednesday’s episode of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert issued the following statement:

“Sarah Palin may not have been able to think of a single Supreme Court case beyond Roe v. Wade that she disagrees with, but that’s not true for John McCain and his panel of right-wing judicial advisors. Here are just a few of the cases on their hit list:

    • Rush Prudential HMO, Inc. v. Moran — reversal would invalidate important state laws protecting HMO patients’ rights in more than 40 states


    • Grutter v. Bollinger — reversal would forbid affirmative action aimed at promoting educational diversity in higher education


    • Nevada v. Hibbs — reversal would prevent state employees from obtaining effective relief for violations of their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act


    • Davis v. Bandemer — reversal would allow even blatant partisan gerrymandering in redistricting


    • Lawrence v. Texas — reversal would authorize criminal prosecution of private, consensual sex by adult same-sex couples


    • Tennessee v. Lane — reversal would allow states to deny physical access to the courts to the disabled


  • Massachusetts v. EPA— reversal would permit the EPA to refuse to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from new cars

“John McCain’s plan for the Supreme Court is as simple as it is dangerous. He has promised to nominate “clones of Roberts and Alito” (watch the video).

“The Supreme Court is on the ballot this election. McCain would hand the Court over to the Right for the next 40 years. Tell McCain that we don’t need any more bad judges.”

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