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People For the American Way and Grandparents For Truth Mark Banned Books Week


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Washington D.C. – As we mark this year’s Banned Books Week, an annual recognition of the threat of censorship and book banning nationwide, People For the American Way President Svante Myrick and Grandparents For Truth member Ruth Littner of Philadelphia released the following statements:

“This year’s Banned Books Week comes as we are seeing some of the worst examples of censorship and book banning in decades,” said Svante Myrick. “Groups like Moms for Liberty are leading the charge to ban books that offer kids a window into the experiences of Black, brown, and LGBTQ communities as well as an honest history of our nation’s struggles with equality and freedom for all. This is harmful to kids and to our country. This year, People For was proud to launch our Grandparents For Truth campaign to fight for the right of kids to learn, and teachers to teach, the full and complicated story of our world. Our Banned Books Reading Challenge is a way for grandparents and families to proudly share their experiences reading banned books in conjunction with Banned Books Week. We will always fight for the freedom to learn, this week and every week.”

“As the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I know all too well that book banning and censorship have been hallmarks of authoritarian regimes throughout history,” said Ruth Littner. “Banning books is the opposite of freedom of speech and impedes the freedom to learn, and it’s scary to see such reactionary thinking taking hold in school districts across the country. I am proud to be part of Grandparents For Truth because I believe we can bring wisdom and love to the fight for kids’ futures. I want my grandchildren to grow up with the freedom to read and be enlightened by the experiences of all the wonderful and diverse communities in our society and their unique contributions. Censorship hurts children, families and schools and as a member of Grandparents For Truth, I’m going to help stem this narrow-minded trajectory.”


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