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PFAW Announces Applications for Candidate Slate to Stop Police Violence


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Washington, DC — Today, People For the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund opened the application process to join a slate of young, progressive candidates running for state or local office, who are committed to creating change to end police violence.

The application, sent to hundreds of candidates through various networks, is part of an effort to endorse candidates who understand the urgency of ending police violence and who have, during their campaigns for state or local office, demonstrated their commitment to create solutions to reimagine public safety and protect their communities. Candidates will also share their personal and political experiences that have influenced their commitment to this issue.

The ultimate goal is to help elect those candidates into key positions, especially in key states and metro areas where they can help usher in lasting progressive changes at local and state levels.

The application includes questions about candidates’ personal experiences that have motivated them to end police violence, and questions about their positions including:

  • Practices that limit unnecessary police contact,
  • Psychological screenings for police officers,
  • Removing problematic officers,
  • Recruiting good officers,
  • Reallocation of police budgets, and
  • Cultural competency and de-escalation training.

“The recent deaths of unarmed African Americans at the hands of police ignited months of national protests calling for change and we must incorporate those calls for change in our elections,” said President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous. “We’re encouraged by the public safety policies we’ve seen including the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, ‘Breonna’s Law’ in Louisville, Kentucky, which bans ‘no-knock’ warrants, and the elimination of qualified immunity in Colorado. That said, much more work has to be done at the state and local levels to begin changing the systems that, for hundreds of years, have had a devastating impact on Black Americans and people of color in this country.”

“To end police violence, we have to win critical state and local elections in 2020 with a new generation of more progressive and more diverse candidates who understand the impact of police violence on communities of color and who are passionate about pursuing justice for their communities,” said People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo. “The new Next Up Victory Fund slate reflects our vision of justice for all, and we will work to identify top candidates in key races across the country who lead on the issue of ending police violence.”

In 2018, Next Up released a #MeToo slate, which garnered national attention. This year’s slate focused on ending police violence will be announced shortly after Labor Day. PFAW’s Next Up Victory Fund has helped elect hundreds of candidates into key positions across the country where they have created lasting progressive changes at local and state levels.

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