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PFAW Announces Radio Ads to Turn Out Black Voters for Biden-Harris


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Washington, D.C.—  With the presidential election just days away, People For the American Way is stepping up efforts to turn out Black voters in key states.  Today, the organization announced five-figure radio ad buys in each of three states: Michigan (Detroit, WJLB); Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WKKV); and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, WUSL and WDAS).  The ads aimed at Black radio audiences started on October 19 and will run for a total of three weeks.

Listen to the ad here:

“Black voters have the power to shape this election, and we need to take that power to the polls in a few days,” said People For the American Way President Ben Jealous. “This ad does not mince words. It calls out Donald Trump for the racist he is.  It’s clear about the priorities Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring to the White House.  This year’s election really is a matter of life and death for Black families, and we’re going to make sure we use every platform we have to send the message that every Black citizen who can vote, should vote.”

“Voting is critically important this year for all of us, and with this ad we are making it clear that a vote against Trump is a vote against racism,” said People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo.  “The data we’re seeing on early voting shows that Black voters are turning out in really high numbers this year, and we want those numbers to go even higher.  These ads are a way to reach people where they live and remind them that this year more than ever, with so much at stake, it’s time to make a plan to vote and cast your ballot for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


Donald Trump is a racist. He tells white supremacist to stand back and stand by. What exactly is he asking them to stand back and stand by for?

We can’t allow Trump to have his way.

Voting isn’t the entire solution. But voting is one of the most powerful tools we have to protect Black families and communities.  

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are asking to be held accountable on healthcare, criminal justice reform and jobs. They have heard our concerns and responded with real policies in real time. They have a plan to end this pandemic which has disproportionately taken too many Black lives. We have to do better. We have to vote. Our lives are literally at stake.  

So this November 3rd lets stand up against racism and vote Trump out.

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